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Sellers who want to sell today must first come to the realization that this is a
buyers market where the lending is tight.
The law of supply and demand today is evident in that buyers can get newly built properties for
less then the construction costs to build it.

After a seller realizes this, then what do they need to do to find the buyer for their property.

If you want to sell in today’s market: 3 options
1. Sell fast without fixing every last paint chip: Lower price bellow market value and/or offer
seller concessions.
2. Sell fast and at top value without spending a dime: Offer owner financing.
3. Wait, wait and wait and eventually the market will turn and a buyer will come.

If you want top dollar: Sellers must have the best of the best property on the block. Inside and
out the property needs to be in immaculate showroom condition. It must be professionally staged
like a museum. The seller needs to wait up to 18 months if need be and they will get a buyer who
is willing to pay top dollar.
If you owe more to the lender then what the home is worth
you should go after a Principal Reduction first.

For anyone that needs to sell in order to accomplish your goal,

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