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Real Estate Agent Secrets, Short Sales
Okay so like on a short sale, who is it that can do the negotiating with the lien holders to get them to accept a settlement bellow the true amount they are owed in order to transfer the property free and clear?

                       Seller?                     Buyer? 


3rd Party?

              Family pet?
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Financing or Short Sales.
It’s time you discovered:
Professional Agents Lifetime Money System!

·       No fees or costs of any kind to the Realtor, or seller
·       Real Estate Agents get FULL listing commission with us
·       Let us negotiate the short sale discount, saving you many hours of time and increasing your success rate
·       The Realtor will retain the listing AND their client
·       No more long phone calls and frustrations dealing with lenders

In other words….

Real Estate Agents list and sell the property
                      Real Estate Agents make their commission
                                             WE do the short sale negotiations

That leaves you, the Realtor, time to do what you do best:

·      Find Sellers
·      Find Buyers
·      Market and List Properties
·      Cash Big Fat Commission Checks!