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How to sell your home fast and for top dollar, OWNER FINANCING!!!
If you can offer a low down payment, low interest rates, or flexible terms, YOU can
increase your pool of potential buyers and can sell your property quickly and at a
premium price.

Owner Financing General concepts:
The single most important thing you can do is to aid the buyer in the financing of your
property. If you offer ‚Transferable Seller Financing, you automatically offer your property to a
much larger market of potential buyers who are willing to pay the highest price in the least
amount of time with minimal repairs and lowest out of pocket expenses by the seller.
• Create a seller financing loan with your buyer.
• Transfer that note after closing for cash.
All your loans can be paid off and refinanced into the buyer’s name.
You don’t have to reduce your price; just improve your pool of buyers.
This opens the market to largest amount of potential buyers who are willing to pay the
highest price.
Thousands of “unqualified” home seekers would buy your home “as is” for your full asking
price if they could get financing.
Generally what is considered C credit buyers (cash rich, but credit poor) can do a seller
financing with 10% cash down payment.
You can demand full market value for your property with owner financing, because you
can offer more attractive financing then what the Banks offer.
You can end up with a lot more money in the long run than you can by requiring the buyer
to get traditional bank financing.
The first thing you want to do is to see if the interested buyers can qualify for an FHA
loan. This will allow you to net the maximum amount of cash at closing and prevent you from
having to take back any kind of Owner Financing / note sale situation.
There are two reasons to do this first. It is best for the buyer since an FHA loan will provide a
lower monthly payment due to the lower interest rates offered by FHA. It also prevents you from
having to discount the note in a note sale transaction. This makes it a Win-Win situation for all

Seller Qualifications:
1) Do you have equity in your property? YES
2) Would you like a premium price for your property? YES
3) Would you like to sell the property quickly? YES

Marketing strategies:
An ad that reads ‚Owner Financing? will attract ten times more buyers
Many home sellers have started by increasing their asking price. Then they inform buyers
that they will select the best offer from all the full price offers received in the next two weeks
If repairs can’t be done for less than $500 total, don’t fix or replace it!
Just give it a good cleaning instead. We suggest you hire a professional cleaning service to
give the luxury condo a good cleaning for about $100. After the cleaning decide about touch up paint or
having it painted. The most important thing to have looking good outside is a clean, cut yard; on
the inside, clean and nice looking walls and ceilings. Floors and carpet don’t count.
This _____will probably need to be replaced later on. I can’t replace it without passing the cost
on to you. To keep your payment low "Mr. Buyer" it’s best if you replace it yourself at a
later time. That way, too, you choose a color that matches your furniture and have it done for a
whole lot less than I can.
Place an Owner Will Finance sign with a phone number in front of your home.
Replace all the light bulbs in your home with 75 watt bulbs and turn them all on
during showings. This gives more light in the house. Light brightens an otherwise dull looking
home. Open all curtains, too. The more light the better. A darkened home looks dingy, boring,
and small.
• Women buy homes, especially if its a luxury condo in Miami. In your description, appeal to what a woman would be
looking for.
Always mention fencing, if the property has it. Mothers like to know their children will be
safe while playing outside. Dog owners, too, appreciate a fenced in yard.
Mention a well known area landmark. A significant crossroads or popular street can be
substituted. For example, “Near Main and Third.”
Place the monthly payment that the buyer will have in your ad. This is an amount for the
first lien only. You may or may not have a second lien amount. That will not be known until later.
End the ad with the word “Owner” and your phone number. This shows that you are truly an
individual home owner and not a Realtor or sales company.
Run the ad in the Sunday edition, or for a full week, or for ten days.
Try to answer all calls coming in on Sunday morning or any morning that the ad appears.
The most motivated buyers are up early looking for a home and tend to have the whole day to go
out looking at them.
Have an answering machine take your messages when you’re out or tired of answering calls.
Make a special note of anyone calling more than once. This is a motivated buyer.

What’s in it for BUYER?
The Buyers never could have bought the property without responding to your Owner Will
Carry offer.
They make a small down payment.
There is no prepayment penalty on the Owner Financing loans.
Create mutually beneficial financing for your buyer better then what banks offer.
Close sales in less than a month.
Customize the purchase to meet both your needs and the buyer’s needs.
It is a safe and legal method of helping buyers
• Only chance at getting the home they desire.

What’s in it for SELLER?
Seller can receive more cash than you could in a traditional bank-financed sale
• Seller controls the negotiation with no great demands from buyer to do what the seller
cannot or will not ever do.
You can sell the property much more rapidly than would otherwise be possible.
Sell "as is" and do no expensive remodeling or repairs out of pocket before knowing if you
can even sell the property.
Be flooded with premium offers for your property.
• Eliminate much of the bargaining and haggling.
Close sales in less than a month.
Buyers don’t mind paying what you’re asking.
Customize the purchase to meet both your needs and the buyer’s needs.
Sell without working with a Realtor.
You have all the safeguards of a traditional sale and can change your mind anytime during the
It is a safe and legal method of helping sellers.
They will not mind the small stuff, fix-ups, etc.

What’s in it for the investors who buy the notes created with Transferable
Seller Financing?

It is what they want since they are a Company with access to the capital markets on Wall Street.
All transactions are done through an escrow or title company with a title insurance policy.
LOW DOWN Payment, NO BANK Qualifying
Everyone can buy, even YOU!
Fixed Interest Rate
Call Sam Seller (123) 456-7890
Owner Will Carry
Small down. Problem credit, okay. 4bd, 2bth,
2,000 sq. ft. stucco home. Big kitchen, fenced,
near Sea World. $1671 monthly. Owner 555-5555
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Use this calculator to structure Seller Financing with a Note Sale at or soon after closing.
Owner Financing Worksheet
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