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Bird Dog:
A "Bird-Dog" is someone who identifies a good Real Estate investment opportunity and structures a deal with the sole
intent of receiving a fee from a Real Estate Investor.

How you earn your worth:
A Bird Dog does not invest any money in any deals, but rather spends the time and effort necessary to find the deals.
Your income potential is not caped in any way but rater depends on both the profit potential and number of good
deals they can find.

What you bring to the table:
You find the seller, gather the information, submit it to us, we will structure a true win-win deal for all parties
involved, we provide the contracts and exit strategy, and then we will work it from start to finish together.

How we work as a team:
As a team we can accomplish more together then each on our own. The Bird Dog takes the view point of being a
source of help to a distressed seller. You will take the approach that you can help them and so after gathering all the
needed information you introduce us as the investor who can create a win-win scenario for them to consider.

Who we are:
We are Investors and so by definition we do this only to make a profit. We are not lawyers, we are not hard money
lenders and we are not loss mitigation consultants, so we do not do foreclosure bail outs for a set fee.

Information we will need to know for each deal:
Fair market value today.
Listed with realtor?                               If yes then list price?
What liens are on the property and the approximate total payoff amount
Delinquent on any lien holders?             If yes which and how far behind?
What has the owner done to try and sell it?
Owner’s situation?
Owner’s goal they would like to accomplish, what do they expect to get out of sale?

How to find deals:
MLS, Realtor, listing agent only.
Spear of influence, who do you know and talk to.
Other web sites listed below and any more you can find.
if you know of any more like these then please let us know.

Search tools to use and how to scub these web sites:
Download and install google keyword search tool bar.
In tool bar type in the key words, right click on search, select “search sight”.
Video about how to use this scubing tecnique? Terry Hale video #1

Key words:
Short sale
Seller financing
Bank owned
Must sell

Put ads on and :
Category "housing/housing wanted". Make titles to attract sellers that meet our criteria i.e. “wanted high end deals….”
"we buy homes, any value, any condition"

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Financing or Short Sales.