buying mortgage loan
        For anyone delinquent on their Mortgage and facing
           Foreclosure here is every option available today,
                 to resolve the situation in a positive way.

1. Refinance with new lender: Short Refinance is an option if upside down on value
2. Get current with loan and continue the agreed upon monthly payments
3. Loan Modification
4. Lease Back: Sell to an Investor who is willing to rent it back to you

5. Sue lender to eliminate the loan

1. Sell at Fair Market Value to an owner/occupant before Foreclosure sale date
2. Partner with an investor who will pay the delinquent loan costs, stop the foreclosure and then sell at Fair Market Value
3. Sell quickly to a cash buyer at an appropriate value
4. Assumption: Buyer would buy property “Subject To” all existing liens and take over payments of the Mortgage
5. Lease the property for monthly rent more then the mortgage payment

There are two more negative resolutions:
1. Deed-in-lieu: the lender may accept title to the property as settlement for the debt (voluntary foreclosure)
2. Do nothing, let the bank foreclose, loose your home, ruin your credit and experience eviction
4 stages that a homeowner facing foreclosure will go through.
1. Denial
-think foreclosure cannot happen to them
2. Realization- knowing it really could happen.
3. Procrastination- They may think they have time until the actual auction date so they may waste valuable time.
4. Panic- Time and other positive resolution options are lost, they have not accomplished a positive resolution and now they are searching for one.
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Foreclosure types:
Non-Judicial Foreclosure
Processed without courts
Default letter sent to borrower
Notice of Default recorded with county
Notice of sale
Auctioned at sale

Judicial Foreclosure
Processed through the courts
Lender files a complaint stating why the default should allow the lender to foreclose and take the property given as security for the loan
Records a notice of Lis Pendens
Homeowner served notice of the complaint
Court hearing. If the court finds the debt valid, and in default, it will issue a judgment for the total amount owed, including the costs of the foreclosure process.
Judgment entered, a writ will be issued by the court authorizing a sheriff's sale.
The sheriff's sale is an public auction, open to anyone, and is held in a public place, either in front of the courthouse steps or in front of the property being auctioned.

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