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Investigate Your Loan Before You Attempt Negotiations!

The best possible results
If you want the best possible results, priority treatment and timely responses from your lender you need material
evidence. Principal Reduction negotiation should only be attempted after completing a Forensic and a Securitization
Audit of the loan in question. Why rely on a charitable contribution from you lender because of a hardship? You may
be able to turn the table on the lender, seize control of your situation and go on the offensive.

Forensic and Securitization Audits reveal the problems to both parties
A Forensic Audit is a detailed investigation of your loan documents from the time you applied for credit up to and
including origination. The investigation is done by experienced auditors, who are well versed in the Local, State and
Federal laws that protect consumers and guide lending practices. A Securitization Audit reveals the path of how the
Note was serviced after origination until the present day. If any violations are found you can get much better results
and open up more options.

The desire to solve the problem is stronger for both parties
When a Forensic and a Securitization Audit is done, a homeowner is finally able to show their Lender that the real
reasons behind their inabilities to pay or continue to maintain payments is because the Homeowner is the injured
party. When you can reveal to your Lender all the violations that exist in your loan, not only have you shown why you
have struggled with the payments, but you have shown the problems the Lender has too. It is in the Lender's best
interest to get this situation resolved and it is in both parties best interest if these violations can be resolved by
accepting a Principal Reduction which would correct past violations and give all parties a winning and sustainable

Violations can be used to go on the offensive. Ask any Attorney if it is easier to win as the Plaintiff or the Defendant.
Then ask them which cost less money to represent.

After we investigate and complete our Forensic and Securitization Audits we believe our service to the injured party is
not done. We will then review the results with the Homeowner and discuss all options. Once the homeowner makes
an informed decision on which option is best for them to proceed forward with we will then prepare a package or
instructions on how to present it to their Lender demanding results in favor of the Homeowner’s Goal.

Our experience shows that when presented by a local Attorney the Homeowner will get the best representation and
therefor gets the best results in the least amount of time. When we give the demand package to an Attorney all the
hard investigative work is done so you pay less in Legal Fees. Because the home owner is in the position of the
Plaintiff there is no need for an expensive retainer, because the Attorney is going to recognize that the Material
Evidence has a great chance of getting their client exactly what they want. All that is left for the Attorney to do is
present it to the Lender and negotiate for an out of court settlement.

Attorneys doing foreclosure defense charge $4000 on average just to delay the sale for 12-24
months, but the homeowner may still lose their home. Most use Bankruptcy as a defense. Many
Attorneys doing foreclosure defense or Loan Modifications today were doing Bankruptcy or divorce
5 years ago. Attorneys we know that is not your fault, because there are no good refresher courses
for experienced Attorneys. We have a Nationwide network set up and are always looking for more
industry professionals to both join us and to utilize our Forensic and Securitization Audits for your
clients as well, so please contact us today to discuss working together to accomplish real solutions
for homeowners today!

Disclaimer: All information on this site may be shared or duplicated for your use. does not perform Forensic Loan Audits, Securitization Audits, Loan Modifications, Principal Reduction, Owner
Financing or Short Sales.